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Rosy Aronson

If you've found yourself here, you probably have a wish to live your life authentically. You want to trust yourself deep down and the decisions that you make about your body, your work life, and your relationships, no matter what anyone around you is saying, doing or claiming.


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“What if someone told you there was
a unique place inside of you that
you could always turn to for truth?
And what if you knew just how to access that place?”

What if every time you were facing a new job, relationship, health kick, or opportunity, you had a very concrete, practical way to tune into that clear, wise, authentic voice -- or truth-finding process -- within you?

Thanks to Human Design, I now know that this is possible.

Not just to make authentic decisions, but to actually enjoy the process. To get to a place in your life where you can feel happy about the choices you make, regardless of how things “turn out” -- or at least how others think they turn out.

"Take it from me!"
Rosy Aronson
“There are few things sweeter than
knowing we've been true to ourselves!”

Human Design is for you if you ever…

  • Sacrifice or ignore your needs and wants for the sake of your relationships, to the point of personal burn out or relational breakdown!

  • Agonize over the decisions you make about your career path -- either during, before or after you've made them!

  • Push yourself into hopeless diets and unsustainable excercise routines -- again and again, leaving your self-esteem dwindling by a thread.

  • Leap impulsively into relationships, jobs and all sorts of situations, and then spend way too much time and energy trying to extricate yourself from them.

  • Say “yes” before you're ready or totally clear about someone or something, because you're afraid of missing out.

  • Miss out on wonderful life-changing opportunities because you're too afraid to take the leap, and then beat yourself up about it.

  • Hem and haw so much that you drive your loved ones crazy, or unintentionally discourage people from extending you more invitations.

  • Allow your mind (or someone else!) to convince you to ignore your instincts, even when deep down you know your instincts are right on.

  • Courageously follow your instincts, only to discover later on that they were way off!

    “Authentic lives are created
    one tiny authentic decision at a time!”

Living authentically on this planet is not easy.

If we want to be healthy, to love our work, to prosper, and to remain connected to the people we love, we are likely to find ourselves pulled in a million directions -- either away from our deepest sense of what's right for us in each moment, or in the long run.

Some of us end up moving faster (or slower) than what feels healthy. Some of us end up frantically zig-zagging, walking in circles, or down someone else's path!

And it's no wonder.

From the moment we are born, we can't help but absorb and internalize the values, beliefs, habits and timing of the people around us.

“Our parents, teachers, peers, bosses, institutions, cultural leaders, even global trends, take up permanent residence inside our heads.

And they don't just feel obliged to tell us what to do,
but to tell us why not doing it their way
is just asking for trouble!

Usually the voices in our heads -- competing for our attention -- contradict each other, leaving us either subtly doubtful or utterly befuddled.

How tempting it is to wish we could somehow block it all out. To think, “If only I could remain miraculously impervious to the world's energies, pressures and ambitions... and know just what to do!”

And yet, we don't really want to close ourselves off like that. Not really.

As easy as it is to get lost, to be so “under the influence” that we can't feel our truth at all, we know that one of the most beautiful things about being human is our OPENNESS -- our ability to receive, to be impacted by the world around us.

“Who would any of us be
without the nurturing, inspiring
influence of others?”

So Who -- or What -- Can I Truly Trust?

In Human Design, we call AUTHORITY that place we can turn to for Truth -- that part of (or process in) us we can trust to make our decisions in life, and to help us honor our own right timing.

When I first encountered Human Design, one of the most exciting things I learned was that not everyone has the same kind of Authority.

One person's decision-making process can (and should!) look and feel very different from another's.

For instance, I am someone who needs to trust my in-the-moment, intuitive, gut instincts. My husband, on the other hand, needs to 'feel out' people, situations and opportunities over a period of time before knowing who and what is right for him.

Knowing & experimenting with these simple truths have transformed our relationship to ourselves, and to each other. They have also changed our relationship to our bodies and our work life.

One of the most empowering things Human Design does is put each of us in touch with our own unique truth-detecting device.

“Human Design shows us how to make the most of
the gifts we receive from the outside world…
without losing ourselves in the process!”

In the end, Human Design doesn't just help us to live more authentically, but to relate more authentically. But now I'm getting ahead of myself.


Probably like many of you, I've been around the self-development block more than a few times. And if I've learned anything, it's that our human lives are far too unique and complex for one-size-fits-all approaches to personal or spiritual growth.

I've never felt comfortable 'selling' myself or my work, nor have I felt drawn to quick fixes - whether promised by New Age gurus, skillful therapists, marketing legends, or eager dieticians.

No matter how impressive a system is, if it is held with rigidity and applied to all people in all situations, it often falls short of its true potential.

“Over the years, I've found that systems or tools
- like Human Design --
are most helpful when held lightly,
with the flexible hands
and open ears of an 'artist' who listens.”

Sometimes systems enter our lives just when we need a map to journey from one place to the next. And then, once we've 'arrived' at our integrated destinations, they fall away, as they should.

That said, Human Design is one of the first 'systems' I've encountered that doesn't claim authority over anyone. Instead, it puts our authority right back into our own hands. And it does so in a profoundly respectful, empowering and practical way.


to this exciting new world by

If you'd like to dip your toes in the water before diving in,
this is a wonderful way to start!

Click here (or click the Order Button below)
to receive your free chart
along with the basic elements of your bodygraph.

From the moment you choose to learn about your design, you're the one in charge. You don't have to believe, accept or swallow anything whole. You get to try it out for yourself.

“Human Design is a living experiment that
more and more people around the world
are finding surprisingly useful.”


Take a look at my last 40 years, and you'll see that the path I've been on has been anything but straight or typical. Again and again, I've found myself flying in the face of personal, cultural, even “spiritual” conditioning.

I have moved from one country to another, and have gone 'back to school' so many times I can't even count -- each time, shaking up the entire foundation and identity that came with the first education and resulting career.

My training has ranged from the traditional to the non-traditional, from the psychological to the spiritual, from the academic to the artistic, from the intellectual to the intuitive, from one 'synthesis of it all,' to the practically paradoxical 'synthesis of it all.'

I've been a Painter, an Improviser, a Social Change Activist, a Free Your Creativity Workshop Leader, a Breathworker, a Creative Arts and Drama Therapist, an MFT Intern, a Children's Book Author & Illustrator, an Ordained Spiritual Counselor, an Intuitive Reader, a Ritual Crafter and Guide, an Art-Immersion Event facilitator, a Human Design consultant, a Gene Keys Enthusiast... and more.

“Let's just say my career has been
extremely stimulating …

and VERY difficult to talk about
at dinner parties!”

Lord knows my parents have had their moments of wishing I were a lawyer or a dental hygienist, or something much easier to explain.

So I can say with great sincerity that I really do know something about the pain and the gifts that accompany the unbeaten path.

even HUMILIATING it can feel
to have knowledge, wisdom and talents that
society hasn't yet created a
'box', 'credential', or 'title' for.”

I also know what a bright yet deeply conditioned mind can do to a person who isn't meant for the cookie-cutting business, who is simply trying to find her own way in life.


You see, the mind always wants to know. It always wants to be in control, to have a plan, a formula, to have it all together & wrapped up in a bow.

But no matter how brilliant a mind can get at anticipating & analyzing & scheming, life has a way of throwing curve balls. It's the nature of the beast.

"With deep thanks to Human Design,
I can say that I've finally - after all of these years --
come to accept, even love this beautiful 'beast' called life."

Among many other things, I've learned…

  • to love and embrace who I am, in a way that actually transforms old magnets for relational conflict into opportunities for creative chemistry!

  • to welcome the surprising twists and turns of my professional life with amusement, trust and a sense of adventure.

  • to embrace and surrender to the intelligence of my body, which unfailingly leads me to the health choices that are best for me!

  • to hold my mind lovingly and patiently, despite its tendencies to worry, scheme and engage in crazy mental-monkey acrobatics

  • to trust my unique way of knowing, even when it leads me into the unknown

  • to liberate my mind from rigid life agendas, without giving up my dreams!

  • to respect and honor my yes's and no's - even when it feels uncomfortable.

  • to enjoy and celebrate the people in my life (at a whole new level!), even -- especially! -- when they're very different from me

    “The thought that our minds are
    in control of our lives
    is actually kind of hilarious.”

    Imagine how our minds would do if they had to be in charge of things like walking and breathing and hiccupping.

    We are all so much more than what we think we are. Our potential is so much greater than what our minds could ever imagine or grasp or control. Human Design shows us how to unlock that potential, one decision at a time.


    Of course, I can't give Human Design all of the credit for who I am today. My entire personal and professional life has led up to this moment. Just as my clients don't come to me as empty cups begging to be filled, I didn't come to Human Design as a blank (or resource-less) slate.

    As someone who has had years of training and practice in psychotherapy and the counseling arts, I strongly believe that true healing and growth take place in the context of loving relationships.

    “No system, no bit of knowledge on its own,
    can melt those areas inside of us
    where we've been frozen by fear
    or deeply hurt.”

    In the end, we must learn to trust and open ourselves to another - whether it be a psychotherapist, an intimate partner, a dear friend, or a spiritual counselor. Our bodies and hearts must know that it is safe to experience our wounds in the presence of others, to know that we are indeed lovable -- even when we're feeling the least lovable.

    At the same time, I have found that particular therapeutic & creative modalities (i.e. somatic, expressive arts and drama therapies) and certain systems (like Human Design) can have an enormously positive impact on our transformational process, on our capacity to live and relate authentically, as well as to prosper and enjoy good health.

    “A system like Human Design
    allows us to access places that can be
    hard to reach through talk or mind alone.”

    The best psychotherapists rarely tell us what to do. Instead, they encourage us to find our own answers, to uncover our own truth.

    “What psychotherapists CAN'T
    always share with us is…

    HOW EXACTLY we are designed, as unique beings,
    to find our own answers.”

    Because of this, in traditional talk therapy, we're often left wading our way through a quagmire of emotional and historical complexities, relying on our minds' analytical capacities to solve our problems.

    But the answers to Life's Biggest Questions are rarely found - or resolved -- by the Analytical Mind.

    Perhaps this is why throughout my life, I have felt called to explore and deepen into other ways of knowing - alternative ways of accessing truth.

    So my aim in sharing Human Design is not to replace a deep healing process that can and often should occur within a long-term relationship. My aim is to enhance that process, to deepen it, to make it more efficient.

    When you understand HOW YOU WORK, how you most easily access your own truth, you can then bring this self-knowledge (and self-acceptance!) with you into the counseling room, and ultimately, into the greatest experiment of all …Relationship itself.

    “When you genuinely engage
    in a Human Design experiment,
    you transform your life.”

    And I'm not talking about the big, flashy 'WOW' kind of transformation that we're often promised.

    I'm talking about a deep slow transformation, one where we can really learn how to LIVE, RELATE, SERVE and CREATE with authenticity. I've experienced this in my own life, and in the lives of countless friends and clients.

    "Rosy possesses the rarest sort of genius, and she puts it to still rarer use. She has the ability to see, deeply, the strengths of her clients, and uses this to construct for each a unique reading of immeasurable value and meaning."  

    Siona van Dijk

    "In a world where, it seems, only the most conventional and obvious skills and life paths are encouraged, her commitment to naming and supporting subtler gifts and needs is vital. I've returned to her readings time and time again, and I'm always touched by her insight, empathy, and boundless understanding. Part supportive counselor, part wise interpreter of the soul, part clear-eyed intuitive, Rosy is the sort of ally in life I wish everyone could experience. The whole world would be the better for it."

    -- Siona van Dijk -- Writer / Facilitator



    "A true Human Design master is
    part knowledge-expert, part artist,
    part therapist, part facilitator.
    Rosy is all of these and more."

    Susan Strasburger, RPT, PhD
    Integrative Coaching and Counseling
    Living with Presence

    "The promise of HD is to shift the 'stuck places' and experience relief, new freedom, a sense of possibility and/or transformation. I was lucky enough to experience all of these with Rosy's support and guidance.

    After only one session and a telephone follow-up with Rosy, it feels like there's been a "tectonic plate change" inside me.

    My life had seemed as if I was dancing someone else's dance before seeing her, knowing that I wasn't quite aligned with my own pace and rhythm, and watching myself over and over again feeling overwhelmed, drained, and not knowing how to shift this.

    With compassion, rigor and an amazing capacity to track the complexity of my experience, Rosy was able to weave the specifics of Human Design into my unique situation, offering me a very accessible framework and in-the-moment tools that help me make choices more easily, express myself more authentically and experience a sense of aliveness and alignment that are unprecedented in my 56 years (and ohh, so many therapy sessions!).

    I had received an HD session before, and though the practitioner was thorough and knowledgeable, she spoke "at" me with that knowledge, and I couldn't translate the information to make it truly useful in my life.

    (And should you think I'm easy to please, I gotta tell you: I'm very, very particular....)"


    You'll know your experiment is working when you're living your life as yourself - when you're trusting your own way of making decisions, whether or not you've got someone like me around! And when you find that your decisions are naturally leading you towards greater flow and less resistance, towards your right people, the right places, and the best opportunities.

“I once received a fortune cookie that said,
'Put yourself proudly in front of the world
and declare your place.'”

This is what I want for you. And this is what I offer: a love of uniqueness, and a deep faith that there is a place here in this world for all of us. You too.

I would be so honored if together we can help you find a way to live this precious life as your absolutely unique and lovable self.

For now, I welcome you to my web site, and to this exciting new world of Human Design. Browse around, explore, have some fun. And most of all, trust yourself!

Much love,


"There is the wonder of Human Design,
and there is the wonder of Rosy Aronson.
I am grateful that I found both together."

Mary Lois Hare
Creative Director of Loop Event Arts 

"When I got my first reading from Rosy, it was a time in my life when I was off course; I was definitely lost. Though I had a thriving business, a beautiful home, and a lovely husband, I was unhappy. I was sure that I had missed the boat for my true calling and was spinning my wheels in a life. I was very frustrated and my mind was constantly searching for something else.

The Human Design reading that Rosy delivered to me was such an incredibly deep validation and understanding of who I am. It helped me find my way back to myself. I was able to accept and celebrate where I am in life, as well as, who I am. Part of the information that Rosy gave me was a practical strategy for how to be in the world, how to find my way, how to make decisions. This deeply impacted my life. It is definitely one of the most useful and powerful things I have ever done.

The way that Rosy delivered the information was so clear, articulate, and compassionate. Rosy has a rare gift of sensitive interpretation and effective communication. I can't recommend her highly enough. Rosy is like a tonic of good energy. The way I feel good after a walk on the beach is the way I feel about my readings from Rosy. I listen to them whenever I need a dose of clarity and calm."


"This Human Design information can be confusing.  
But, shared with someone rooted in Love and Integrity
such as Rosy, it begins to open, maybe.....unfold....
who we are."

Brett Diethert
Imaginist, dreamer, poet, writer, student
offering dream interpretation and (re)writing skills
Author of Re-Vision: The Art of Prosperity
and The Voice of Emotion

"I had heard about Human Design from my friend in California. She is so experimental about new information, that I sometimes disregard her suggestions. But, perhaps because I've always wondered about my own design, I Googled, and came across a lengthy list of information and practitioners.  Scrolling down I came across "Rosy Aronson", and instinct took over.  I was soon to learn that listening to this instinct would open doors, and address questions that 'logic' never could.  When I received my chart, I just felt recognized...that's me, described in a new language!

Exploring the depth and richness only hinted at in the chart, the reading I received was more like a...blanket...than a description.  It comforted me, revealing an inner guide and self-trust I had never really dared to rely upon. Listening, I relaxed into who I am, and found myself.....loving...the uniqueness of me!

But my excitement, and the wealth of this work still hadn't reached its peak. I arranged a phone interview with Rosy to discuss how a 'projector' such as myself could engage in relationships in new ways. Two things happened:  her voice, from the first "Hello, Brett" carried such acceptance, even love, that I knew instantly I trusted this person with my deepest secrets.  

And, from that conversation alone, my relationships immediately took on more fullness.  Someone stepped forward to invite me to share a place to live; the woman I've been dating found a new interest in me; I felt free to choose how much of myself to reveal in conversations.  And, my own compassion and understanding have grown, making others feel safe about sharing with me.

I came to this planet with the unwavering belief that each person has everything they need already 'installed'.  Human Design is a way to discover what we have within, and how it can be reached and expressed to give shape to the life we live."


"Playing with Human Design and Rosy was
one of the most encouraging, affirming, enlightening
and fun experiences I’ve ever had."

Anissa Matthews
Purveyor of Passions and Worshipper of Life
(oh, and Massage Therapist)


"This System of discovery acknowledged who I am based on how I was designed before any of this crazy world’s conditioning got in the way.  It changed my life to start seeing myself through truth-glasses rather than cultural, societal, familial or trauma-based ones.  Human Design was the perfect prescription to help correct my self-vision and move me toward 20/20. My gratitude abounds…"


"At once a mentor, therapist and spiritual adviser,
Rosy’s wisdom emanates from a deep well of empathy
and a fully lived life and inspires you to live your dream."

Armand Volkas, MFA, MA, MFT, RDT/BCT
Clinical Director of The Living Arts Counseling Center
Artistic Director of The Living Arts Playback Theatre Ensemble and Healing the Wounds of History


"Rosy's capacity to see your essence and hear the longings of the deepest voice inside of you is her special gift. Filled with emotional generosity, Rosy showers you with her nurturing energy and her compassionate gaze.  This unique quality of holding and presence permits you to glide into the necessary exploration where you can begin to map the emotional, spiritual and practical terrain of your journey."


"Rosy Aronson is a born counselor/healer/integrator of knowledge ... an AMAZING woman."

Caren Wise -- mother, teacher, artist,
expressive arts/drama therapist & change agent

"I listened last night to your incredible explanation of my Human
Design. Rosy, you are so deeply connected to this work and masterfully articulate with sensitivity and humor. I am so excited about this and think you have chosen so wisely your direction. You are a colossal interpreter! Your lovingness has been imprinted into my mind and body."


"I listened to your entire reading, all the way through, on the very night that I received it!  It was fascinating!  And almost every part of what you shared resonated with me.  I look forward to listening to it more carefully, in pieces, and to taking some notes when I have a bit more time. 

Kirana Miller

For now know that I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it, and couldn't wait to hear all of it. Thank you for all of your time and the beautiful efforts that you made to make this happen."

-- Kirana Miller, Founding Member for Tinamit Junan Uleu - Earth Peoples United


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